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It’s Important to Like Your Realtor

Your realtor should be someone you trust, get along with, and overall like as a person. This is a big decision so make it count.

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It’s Important…

I cannot stress enough the importance of who you choose as your Real Estate Agent or “Realtor”. With the recent increase to the housing market, there has been a boom in the number of agents floating around. Springfield Branson Realty’s agents are focused on the relationships that are formed with our clients. We want to ensure that you like working with us and that our assistance doesn’t bring another stress to the weight of buying or selling a home. Remember, there are several agents out there so be picky when you make your choice.

NAR surveys continue to show that between 60% to 65% of people hire the first real estate agent they speak with and do so because they have not considered the totality of the job that lies ahead. The agent that you hire will end up saving you (or costing you) thousands of dollars, so make sure you start by hiring a real estate agent that you trust, communicate, and get along with.

Why Trust Matters

If you do not trust your agent (90% of agents are new, poorly trained, and/or part-time), most of the time, you will end up questioning their advice and begin to impose demands that can negatively impact your experience and overall result.

This is where communication is important. Most people have a pretty good idea on what they are wanting when selling or buying a home but sometimes it can be hard to communicate. As an agent, it’s important for me to be able to listen to what you are saying and comprehend what you have in mind. It takes experience, education and care for an agent to be able to do this. Make sure YOUR agent understands your wants and needs BEFORE you begin working with them.

First-time buyers made up 35 percent of all home buyers

Be smart and be informed.